Indonesian Rice Table

Long PuraThe rice table is wellknown among the Dutch. It derives from the colonial times, to show hospitality or prestige towards guests. The Indonesian rice tables were only for the rich, as making these extravagant dinners costed a lot of money and time. Having an Indonesian rice table is a very sociale way of dining, there are all sorts of delicious dishes served at the same time and all guests can have whatever they like.

Price: from € 25,00 p.p. (1 course).
Possible from 2 persons.

Balinese dancers

Indonesia and the Netherlands

What now is known as Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands from 1816 to 1949, called the Dutch East Indies. It was formed from the Dutch colonies of the Dutch East India Company, the early mega corporation that shipped spices to The Netherlands and was founded in 1602. The main products that were traded were spices, silk, porcelain, tea, grain, rice, beans and sugar. The headquarter of the Dutch East India Company was established in Amsterdam.


Balinese dishesThe rice table is a combination of rice dishes with side dishes from the Inonesian kitchen, but adjusted to the European tast (less spicy). There are many combinations possible with a rice table, you can mix all dishes of your choice, like sambal goreng, babi pangnang, babi ketjap which can be supplemented with kroepoek, atjar and seroendeng. The taste of the dishes differ to the different parts of Indonesia, where they have other cooking styles like adding sugar or specific spices that are wellknown for the district.

The most important thing about the Indonesian rice table is balance. With a sweet dish there must also be a sour dish, and with a greasy dish there must be a non-greasy dish. The number of dishes with a rice table can differ, when a rice table has not so many dishes it is called a mini-rice table.

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