Old Dutch liqueur tasting

Liqueur tastingYou are very welcome in a cosy tasting room on Zeedijk to taste Old Dutch liqueurs, accompanied by the explanation of the friendly host. Discover the origin behind the (sometimes strange) names of the liqueurs. An accessible tasting with a personal approach.

Duration: ca 30 minutes
Prijs: € 8,50 per person
Max. 12 persons

"The host is a real gentleman and was prepared for our visit. I personally drunk no alcohol, but I was not short of anything. I got a tasty cocktail, which looked so festive. Overall, we were very happy with the tasting. Thanks!"

More information about the liqueur tasting

Around 1600, Amsterdam was one of the most important stacking areas of the world, where ships full of goods, herbs and spices were off loaded. Monks and spice traders had healing herbs drawn into alcohol. Sugar was added to make the drinks more drinkable... the result: liqueur. Since the Golden Age, Amsterdam has its own liqueurs in all flavours and colours of the rainbow. Dreamy drinks made of citrus peel and apricots, silver and gold flakes, cloves and cinnamon and many other spices which the VOC (the East India Company) brought back to Amsterdam. During the tasting you will receive three various liqueurs in small tasting glasses. The host will tell about the origin of the liqueurs and about the customs regarding the drinking of liqueur. An oldfashioned cosy tasting, which will warm you up!

This liqueur tasting is being held in a small tasting room on Zeedijk. To guarantee a personal approach, we arrange this tastings for max. 12 persons. The tasting room is also opened to other guests. Do you want some extra attention of the host? Then you are advised to book the tasting well before or after cocktail hour, or on a weekday. We are happy to advise you about the best time. For an additional amount of € 2,50 per person, Dutch snacks (cheese and sausage will be served.

Book or combine the liqueur tasting

For more information or to make a reservation, please contact us. Combine the liqueur tasting with a guided walk or a scavenger hunt to learn more about the neighbourhood. In a simpeler way, the liqueur tasting is part of the fun arrangement Taste the Old Town.

Reactions after the liqueur tasting

"This was so nice! We were welcomed with open arms. We drunk the tastiest liqueurs accompanied with snacks and the explanation. They gave us their total attention."

"Liqueur tasting was great. Lovely liqueurs, nice explanation and a fine spot to take place. Thank you for have the availability for us and the effort you and your colleague have put into this."

"The liqueur tasting was fun; we would surely recommend it. The host was a nice guy and we also got some snacks to accompany the drinks."

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