Scavenger hunts for schools

kinderspeurtochtAmsterdam is an amazing and unique city to go for a schooltrip! We have welcomed many students from primary schools, high schools and universities. Some schools even return every year! We offer scavenger hunts for youngsters, teenagers and older; there is one for everyone. Let us help you to make your visit the best while learning about the oldest part of Amsterdam!

Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: € 5,00 per student
From 5 persons (smaller groups: minimum € 25,00)

We offer the following scavenger hunts:
-The Kids scavenger hunt Amsterdam Old Town takes about 2 hours and is suitable for kids up to 12 years old; perfect for a school trip with children from primary school! This walk covers topics such as the VOC and the Golden Age, Dam Square, Chinatown and short child-friendly background information on the history of Amsterdam. In an interactive way they learn about the history and the present of Amsterdam.
-The Kids scavenger hunt Jordaan and canal district is our newest scavenger hunt and suitable for children of about 6 to 12 years old. This scavenger hunt takes about 2 hours and is about many statues, special buildings, and the history of the canal belt and Jordaan area, but in a fun, educative way.
-The Historical scavenger hunt takes about 3 hours and will go deeper into the history of the old town of Amsterdam. That's why we consider this tour more suitable for high school or university students.
-The Red Light scavenger hunt takes about 2,5 hours and is more about the dissolute side of Amsterdam; the scavenger hunt covers topics such as crime, drugs and prostitution as well as the history. The route goes through the Red Light District. We consider this scavenger hunt suitable for children of 14 years and older, and is often ordered for high school and university students.
-The Jordaan scavenger hunt takes about 3 hours and is about the live, history courtyards, statues and special buildings in the Jordaan area. The scavenger hunt contains a beautiful walking route and is to made for adults, so more suitable for high school or university students.

We can send stops from different scavenger hunts if you are not sure which scavenger hunt is most fitting for your students. We will help you find the perfect one!

The students will walk the route in small groups. Every group receives a firm folder containing a map with the route and stops, a description of the sights at the stops, questions and an answer form with pen. The students will have to work together and divide the tasks: they have to read the map, follow the route, search for answers, fill them in and puzzle! All the groups have a different starting point so they won't be in each others way. The route is a circle, you will end where you start. Of course they will meet up at the same place to go home or continue the visit all together.

Every group will receive a ready-to-go pack so you can start and whenever you want; the students will walk on their own (small children accompanied by an adult/teacher of your school). The pack consists of a firm folder, the scavenger hunt with text and colourful pictures at the stops, and and answer form. You can easily find the route and stops on a laminated map. The correct answers are in a sealed envelope so the teachers can check all the answers in the end and last but not least; you get an Amsterdam Old Town pen. Every student gets a city map as well. You can keep everything and you don't have to hand anything in.
Besides these packs you receive extra teaching material with general information about the past and the present of Amsterdam. This is for your students to read before visiting the city. By the use of this information they might be able to put everything they see in perspective. 

Order a scavenger hunt for your school trip to Amsterdam

You can order the scavenger hunt by phone or by email. Please let us know that it is for a school and how many persons from which age are going to walk the route. We prepare the material, welcome you to Amsterdam, explain everything to the students and send them to their starting points. The students will be walking for 2-3 hours, learning about the oldest part of Amsterdam and you don’t have to prepare anything!

You can combine this scavenger hunt perfectly with a canal cruise. Our partner Lovers Canal Cruise allows us to give a huge discount for schools. The 1-hour canal cruise will be only € 7,50 per student or teacher (normal price is € 16,00 per person).

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