The poetic streetnames in Chinatown

chinatown naambordjeChinatown Amsterdam has no entrance like you find in Chinatowns all over the world. Although you can recognize that you are in Chinatown because of the street signs. Beneath the Dutch names you can see the streetnames in Chinese. 

The Zeedijk is for the most Chinese people the spiritual heart of Chinatown because of the Buddhist temple that is located there. The Chinese name Sin Tak Kai implies that charity is important there and the good in everyone is brought to the surface. 

The Geldersekade is Kiu Tak Si Kai and means: a place where the Chinese want to achieve the best with others. The Chinese name of the Stormsteeg sounds as a line of a poem; Shun Fung Lee, alley of the wind in your back which brings energy and success.

Finally the Binnen Bantammerstraat; Bat Tah Ngoi Kai, being accessible from anywhere. A reference to the history of the VOC. 

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