Café Sonneveld

Café SonneveldWelcoming Jordaan eatery with a view on the Westerchurch.

Café Sonneveld does have exactly what the typical Jordaan cafes are known for: a warm Amsterdam welcome, brown interior and lots of Dutch "gezelligheid"; not translatable but so much as "cosiness". You will find this lovely eatery in the heart of the Jordaan area at the corner of Egelantiersgracht and Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat. The cafe has a sunny terrace, from where you could see exactly the Westerchurch. In this cafe, you could enjoy a typical Dutch "pikketanussie" (genever), a ferm "kopstoot" ("headbutt", a beer plus a young genever) or just a "gele rakker" ("yellow rascal", a pilsner), but of course you could enjoy delicious comfort food as well: Barthe menu varies from richly filled buns to clubsandwiches, burgers and real Dutch beef "kroketten", and from a tender steak to typical Dutch hotchpotches - even in Summer! For either lunch or dinner, you are at the right address at Café Sonneveld.

Wim Sonneveld

The name of the venue has not just been made up; the building was the former living of Wim Sonneveld, one of the best known Dutch artists of the previous century. The venue belongs to foundation 'Blijvend Applaus', which was founded by him and some others,stamppot to give artists financial support and to help them for affordable housing. The walls of the cafe are full of pictures of Wim Sonneveld, as tribute to this great singer, commedian and actor.


You probably would not notice it immediately when entering the cafe, but the cafe can host more persons just around the corner. At this side of the venue, small companies can enjoy a sit-down dinner, but also larger groups can make use of this location: ca. 50 persons can have a semi-private dinner in this part of the cafe. Café Sonneveld can host groups up to 85 persons, for which a nice group menu can be composed. Contact us for more information!Westertoren

Opening times

Daily from 11am to 11pm
Did you know that this eatery is open for 365 days per year? Therefore, you could celebrate all festive days in Café Sonneveld as well!

Address and map

Café Sonneveld
Egelantiersgracht 72-74, 1015 RM Amsterdam
Telephone +31(0)20 4234287
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Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 264
1012 RS Amsterdam
T +31(0)20 - 62 38 622

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