Restaurant Locanda

Restaurant LocandaTaste and experience contemporary Italy in this modern and atmospheric bistro.

Owner of Locanda, Tomasso Maggi, was a physiotherapist for 15 years, when it urged him that he only saw people in pain; he chose to change his profession into the hospitality sector, to be able to make people happy. Thanks to his city of origin, Piacenza, numerous contacts and the help of his partner, he had been able to research specialties from all over Italy and made his own selection of products to offer.
A location in Amsterdam was found eventually: the Jordaan district seemed like the best option, given its curiously interesting inhabitants and their easygoingness – which without doubt creates a unique atmosphere, so much that only sitting at the table on the sidewalk makes it already a memorable experience.Interior of Locanda

Tomasso wants to run his business with a fun attitude, and he hopes to project that attitude on all restaurant levels. Even the interior shows this to us: Mezzo Atelier has crafted a contemporary Italian Bistro in Amsterdam. A casual, nice and fresh atmosphere to have a wonderful dinner within.

The name Locanda

Locanda, historically, was the 'next door restaurant' where travelers were welcomed to supper and spend the night. It guaranteed simple and genuine food, always made out of best ingredients, served traditionally in the cozy and family like atmosphere. Today, Locanda is a synonym for a place where is possible to have a nonchalant break, relax, eat and drink the selected food and wine from the local surrounding. The choice of the name ‘Locanda’, especially today in Amsterdam, seems just right when wishing to allude on a place where to stop and delicately merge in all-encompassing Italianity – not of what Italy once was, but on what is Italy now.


burrataIn Locanda, freshness and locality is very important: the typical Italian products are imported directly from Italy twice a week, and other products, like meat, are bought at the local butcher shop named Louman in Jordaan.

The menu makes us instantly longing for these Italian delicacies: from pizza to the best lasagna of Amsterdam... simple, Italian dishes seem to be the very strength of this Italian restaurant. The dish called ‘It’s not a Tiramisu’ is probably the best Tiramisu you’ve ever tried.

Opening times

cocktailTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 5pm to 12am
Sunday from 3pm to 12am
Closed on Monday

Address and map

Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 6, 1015 NR Amsterdam
Phone +31 (0)20-423 39 11
Visit the Facebook page of Locanda.

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Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 264
1012 RS Amsterdam
T +31(0)20 - 62 38 622

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