Vet (sandwiches)

broodje zeedijkAn icon in the neighbourhood with its famous specialty: sandwich Zeedijk!

Slagerij Vet has everything, and even a bit more. Vet is also ideal for lunch. It serves delicious sandwiches topped with the very best meats. Warm and ready-prepared meals are an option, too. Depending on the season, there are delicious soups and stews. But most important is of course the meat, and all derived variants. Cool Amsterdam meatballs, butter-soft steaks.

One warning: a sandwich Zeedijk is enough for a lifetime addiction. Butcher Huib Vet has a team of slagerij Vetseparate workplace for his most popular sandwich. His secret, he does not reveal of course. All is homemade that’s for sure- from the chicken (smoked in-house) to the sauce. Their "Broodje Zeedijk", a richly-filled crispy roll, is a culinary masterpiece!

For the lovers of lunch, the Zeedijk and meat there is no way around going to Slagerij VET. Sit on the sidewalk, a small bench, in the sun…watch, sit, enjoy…the ultimate relax moment at the Zeedijk. Good food for fair prices!

Opening times

Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6pm
Saturday 7.30am - 5pm
Closed on Sundays

Address and map

Vet (sandwiches)
Zeedijk 99, 1012 AT Amsterdam
Telephone +31(0)20 623 4908
Visit the website of Vet (sandwiches). 

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