CondomerieEducation and hundreds of products for safe, fun sex, in a playful way.

World's first specialty shop for condoms

In 1987, a time in which hiv and AIDS were occupying people's minds, the concept for a condom specialty shop was born. By then, little information was available about condoms and safe sex, despite the fact that this was urgently needed. It was time for a specialized shop, offering a wide selection of condoms in various sizes, expert education and a large assortment of other products to maintain personal hygiene and safety. In the heart of Amsterdam, at Warmoesstraat 141, the first condom specialty shop of the world was established.Tarzan An approachable store, open, fresh and colourful, both for men and women, heterosexual, homosexual or bi and with the suitable name 'Condomerie'.


In the more than thirty years that the shop has been in existence, the Condomerie has grown into a specialty shop ánd knowledge center in which expertized 'condomologists' can provide expert consultation. Besides the standard condom and a wide selection of branded condoms, you will find an extensive assortment of special products, like vegan and latex-free condoms, condoms for women, handpainted fun condoms, lubricant and last but not least.... customized condoms. WIth this unique, self-designed size system, anyone can find a condom in the right size. Condomorie has a profound knowledge of everything concerning safe sex, hygiene, fun sex and funny gifts. In Condomerie, you can find handpainted novelty condoms, 30 different flavoured condoms and even condom chocolate,shop interior because "with a smile, the message about safe sex comes across much better." The assortment also includes finger condoms, oral dams, demonstration models for sexual education and various lubricants. For women, Condomerie has special products in their assortment: from women condoms to sponges, humidifying gels and for festival-going women: spouts to be able to pee while standing.


Apart from their search for the right size of condoms, customers enter Condomerie for a wide range of questions. Who are these customers? "The proportion man/woman is fifty-fifty and our customers do not only come from Amsterdam, but also from the rest of the Netherlands. We have had foreign customersChocolate already since the start of the shop, due to the worldwide publicity in 1987. But also expats in Amsterdam know where to find us." Sex workers of the Red Light District frequently pay a visit to Condomerie, for the required protection during their work. Condomerie has got very affordable, but still high quality bulk packages of condoms. Another group of customers visits Condomerie to pick up a STD-test. After finishing the STD test guide on, it becomes clear which test is needed and people can discreetly buy this test in Condomerie.

Opening times

Monday from 11am to 9pm
Tuesday from 11am to 9pm
Wednesday from 11am to 9pm
shop interiorThursday from 11am to 9pm
Friday from 11am to 9pm
Saturday from 11am to 9pm
Sunday from 1pm to 6pm

Address and map

Warmoesstraat 141, 1012 JB Amsterdam
Telephone +31 (0)20 627 4174
Visit the website of Condomerie.

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