Sweet Bob

Sweet bobFeel the creamy: you have to try these Brazilian brigadeiros!

Sweet Bob is not only the first brigadeiro store in the Netherlands, it is also the only one! No sweet tooth that will walk by this store without sneaking inside for a moment: those birgadeiros are just too good!

What are brigadeiros?

No bonbons, no truffles, but pure pieces of heaven! Brigadeiros are sweet delicacies of Brazil, which are mainly tasted when there is something to celebrate, for example at weddings or at birthday parties.salted caramel birgadeiro The cheerful sweets can have various shapes and Sweet Bob has them in dozens of different tastes: every day, some new flavours are available in the store!

Brigadeiros are being made with condensed milk, butter and ingredients to create the desired flavour: the best chocolate is being used for this purpose, but also fruit, nuts, drinks or for example the ingredients the create a 'stroopwafel' flavour! A neverending number of possibilities, which makes sure that you can always try a new flavour while visiting Sweet Bob.


Brigadeiros are ideal as small gifts for your co-workers, friends, business partners or guests; when you need a larger number of brigadeiros, you can order this without any trouble at Sweet Bob. Owner André loves to send you a taylor-made offer. At the website of Sweet Bob, you can fill in the form to make a special request.

cadeaudoos brigadeirosDid you know that you could also have brigadeiros delivered at your home? UberEats delivers these precious sweetness in a large part of Amsterdam!

Opening times, address and map

Sunday to Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 7pm

Address and map

Sweet Bob Amsterdam
Brouwersgracht 113, 1015 GD Amsterdam
Telephone +31 (0)6 25128397
Visit the website of Sweet Bob for more information.

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Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 264
1012 RS Amsterdam
T +31(0)20 - 62 38 622

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