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This special national monument from 1622 on the corner of the Prinsengracht/Brouwersgracht has been café Papeneiland since 1896. On Prinsengracht 7 there used to be a Catholic hidden church. The escape route from this shelter church ran to this building, which is why the cafe was called Papeneiland. Whether that corridor ever really existed is unknown, but the remains of an escape corridor can still be seen in the cafe.

Visit by Bill Clinton

In late May 2011, the cafe had the honour to welcome former president Bill Clinton. He had come to the cafe especially to eat apple pie. An hour before the former president came, owner Tieltje received a call to reserve a place for the former president. After the usual grumbling, "Actually we never do that, but we will for only this time", there was only one place left for Clinton. And he came. A month later, Tieltje received a letter from the former president in which he thanked him for the delicious apple pie.

Opening hours

  • Monday until Thursday: 10am - 1pm

  • Friday and Saturday: 10am - 3pm

  • Sunday: noon - 1pm

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