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Red Light district

Every year Amsterdam is visited by about 4,5 million people from all over the world. In addition, almost 16 million day tourist come to Amsterdam every year. The main tourist attractions are not the big museums, shops and restaurants, but the Red Light district. The coffee shops and window prostitution are very attractive and are always the subject of discussion in the media.

Red Light Jazz Amsterdam

Every summer, entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood organize the best jazz festival in the warm heart of the city: free performances by known and unknown jazz artists in exciting locations. Unexpected musical encounters and a look behind the scenes in the most hospitable neighbourhood in the Netherlands. The kick-off of the festival took place in 2014. In unique and atmospheric locations throughout the Red Light district, concerts of jazz artists can be attended for three days. Red Light Jazz is an entrepreneurial initiative that was set up to put the city back on the map as a real jazz city with a rich tradition. With the festival, the organization aims to breathe new life into the jazz history of the Red Light district and at the same time improve the image of the area. More information and the program can be found here.

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