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Police station Warmoesstraat

In 1903, the building at number 48 of the Warmoesstraat was taken into use by the police and later three adjacent buildings were added. By connecting the buildings to each other, the office got a characteristic interior with narrow corridors and steep stairs. Officers working at Warmoesstraat had to deal with all kinds of crimes: he faced pickpockets, car thieves, vandals, burglars, drug dealers, liquidations, assault, street robbery, trafficking in women, corruption and illegal gambling. Officer Baantjer has worked here for 28 years and wrote crime novels based on his experiences. Of the 70 titles with inspector 'De Cock' as the main character, more than 7 million copies were sold and many of his novels have been translated into English and German. From 1995 a television series was made, based on the stories of Appie Baantjer, starring Piet Römer and Victor Reinier. The police station was located in this building until the end of 2000, but unfortunately it is not possible to take a look inside this private house.

Murder walk

For who wants to hear everything about the lurid atmosphere that prevailed in the Warmoesstraat in the 1970s, former detective Ton (who has worked for years at Bureau Warmoesstraat as a detective) can tell you all about it. Have a look at the activities section for more information about this murder walk.

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