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Amsterdam is famous for its diamonds for over 400 years. The 'brilliant' is a Dutch way of grinding, also called the 'Amsterdam cut', and is known all over the world. GASSAN introduced in 2005 her own unique diamond cut, the GASSAN 121. Who wants to know everything about the history of this Amsterdam handcraft, the carats, colours, brightness and cuts, has to visit GASSAN Diamonds for a free tour.

Experience the sparkle

Gassan Diamonds building Amsterdam

The Amsterdam diamond company GASSAN Diamonds is housed in an impressive building, where the diamond factory used to be driven by steam. In the monumental building you look over the shoulder of the diamond grinders while a guide explains the machining process. Experience the thrill of diamond grinding. Learn more about GASSAN's unique diamond, the GASSAN 121. See the process in all its facets and experience the excitement of more than 400 years of craftsmanship and tradition. You will see both loose, cut diamonds and an extensive collection of jewels. After the tour you are most welcome in the cozy coffee shop for a free drink. The tours are given daily from 9 am to 5 pm.


Diamond cutting at Gassan Amsterdam

For generations the diamond grinders from GASSAN Diamonds in Amsterdam have been working to perfect the brilliant cut. This has been achieved with the GASSAN 121 diamond. The GASSAN 121 diamond is also called GASSAN 121 cut. The 121-faceted diamond was introduced in 2005 and received the appropriate name GASSAN 121. The special cut is patented worldwide, which means that GASSAN is the only diamond to manufacture in this cut. Of course, the GASSAN 121 is also well covered during the tour, this special cutting shape we gladly present.

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