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Golden Age dinner with actress

During this group dinner entirely in the VOC atmosphere, five different female figures from the 17th century passes by, each of whom tells their story about their life in the Golden Age. After this evening, the VOC time will not only be known as men's history! "Hoist the sails, the adventure can begin!"

The evening starts with a beer at Giertje in De Groote Swaen. Then the group sails as a sailor to the East, the VOC space of Restaurant De Kroonprins. The ship's meal is interspersed with stories of a poor seaman's wife, a rich merchant's wife and a 17th century prostitute. The ladies serve Dutch genevers and liqueurs in their own way as a reward for the crew.

Program and menu

The VOC dinner can be performed in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian and includes:

  • Drinks at the bar with cheese and Dutch bitterballen
  • Fish plate
  • Tough sailor soup (tomato or chicken)
  • Dutch genever tasting
  • Sailor's meal (beef, pork, chicken, fish or vegetarian)
  • Tasting of love liqueurs
  • Ice cream with spices from the East
  • VOC coffee


"Original, well-acted and lots of fun. The hostess is a multi-talent!"

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